Top Reason Why Maybe You Should NOT Get Lash Extensions

Lavish Cincinnati eyelash extensions help many clients find happiness with their own image and boost confidence. They have a tremendous effect on so many of our long terms clients, but that doesn’t mean lash extensions are for everyone. Not enough is said about who should NOT get lash extensions. But here at Lavish Cincinnati, all of our eyelash services are designed to make sure you get the best results unique to your beauty needs.

Below you’ll traits that candidates who should not get lash extensions have in common.

Not Committed To The Maintenance

Lash extensions requires you to be diligent about making sure you regularly keep them fresh and touched up. We recommend every 3 weeks coming back in to get your fill ins. The longer you go in between fills, the more your initial extension will lose its volume.

Constant Eye Rubber

If you are someone who is used to rubbing your eyes or face, then may not make you the ideal candidate for extensions. You have to be careful and protect your beauty investment as eyelash extensions are susceptible to being broken down when you have too much contact with them even through everyday wear and tear activities.

If You MUST Wear Mascara

There are a number of reasons why a client may feel they simply can’t go without mascara for the day. We’re not here at all to discuss that, only whether you’d make a good candidate. And if you have to have mascara, you might want to reconsider other options. Check out our other beauty services to see how we can provide you with a natural look that will eliminate the need for mascara all together. Eyelash extensions are a wonderful start.

If You Suffer From Severe Seasonal Allergies

This doesn’t automatically disqualify you from eyelash extensions but it should make you think about how much your seasonal allergies interfere with your day. If they are mild allergies, then it’s possible you’ll still be a good candidate. But if you are a major sufferer of seasonal allergies, then it’s likely you’ll be touching your face a lot and experiencing typical allergy symptom like eye watering and runny nose. It’s a case by case example so get in touch today if you have any questions through our contact page.

If You Would Call Yourself A Picker

Similar to those who are situations where they touch their face or have contact with the face, clients who are susceptible to picking may want to reconsider. The last thing you want to do is pick at your lashes. This could break down the adhesive and shorten the amount of time the world can see your beautiful results. 

If You Can't Wear A Sleep Mask

While it’s “mandatory” per say, we would highly recommend you wear a sleep mask to bed after getting your lash extensions. You want to eliminate the possibility of accidental rubbing against a pillow or inadvertent touching while you’re sleeping. A sleep mask can help tremendously here. So if you can’t sleep with a soft mask over your eyes, let’s figure out your options together but it may be tough for me to recommend lash extensions just because I want your results to last. 

Not Sure If You Should Get Lash Extensions?

If you are still not sure if lash extensions are right for you or if you have any clarifying questions, you can get in touch with us directly though the contact page and we’ll help you assess your situation. You can also check out the list I made for you about the top 4 reasons a client may not be a good candidate for lash lifts if you were interested in continuing to read on. 

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