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Lash Extensions can be confusing and information online is full of misnomers and myths. This was created to serve as your eyelash extensions need to know guide – if that’s what you are looking for, then you are in the right spot! Today we will debunk these myths and I’ll give you a detailed explanation of what falls into the “eyelash extensions need to know” camp. This blog is full of important information you should be exploring but if at any given point you can refer to our Cincinnati eyelashes services to see more information about what we offer when you feel comfortable. But back to the myths and misnomers.

Let’s get to it!

1. Lashes Are A Lifestyle

Eyelash Extensions Need To Know lashes lifestyle Lavish Cincinnati

This is more a PSA than it is an eyelash extensions need to know. But I am leading with this because it’s a common misconception that once you get lash extensions, you walk out, never think about it again, and your lashes will be set forever.

That is not the case.

I want to be clear and upfront about this because the last thing I want is for you to get extensions then realize they require maintenance. For our clients, this is a good thing as the volume of their lashes is important so regular fill-ins is a concept they are totally onboard with.

Lash extensions are an investment in your beauty. Lash extensions are an investment in yourself.

Lavish Cincinnati believes in the power of lash extensions and lash lifts, because they mean so much more than the money you trade for them.

  1. They can make you feel better about yourself.
  2. They can remind you of your self-worth beat the quick pick me up that all of us need from time to time.
  3. They can be the ticket to saving you you been just as little as 10 extra minutes of makeup time in the morning.

Lash extensions are versatile. And for that reason, it only makes sense that that kind of service also has basic upkeep standards you should maintain to protect the investment you just made in yourself with lash extensions. Eyelash extensions really are a lifestyle.

That said, if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit less involved, you have to be comfortable with the trade-off of not getting as much volume as a lash extension can produce. Check out our services page to see all of our Eyelash Services we offer at Lavish Cincinnati. I recommend you also taking a look at the Lash Lift & Tint option as that requires minimal upkeep but still gets noticeable results. While getting less of the volume, lash lift and tint is still a beauty service you should consider if you want to boost your lash game.

2. The Damage Is Done

Eyelash Extensions Need To Know lash extensions damage eyelashes Lavish Cincinnati

A common misconception associated with lash extensions is that it actually damages your eyelash overtime. This is just flat-out false.

If applied correctly lash extensions don’t have any long-term effects on the natural growth and life-cycle of your natural lashes.

Lash extensions are very careful and precise synthetic additions that compliment your natural lashes to varying degrees depending on the custom look you are going for. The lash extension is just that, an extension. It does not totally replace your natural lashes. And that’s important to understand because if applied correctly, your lash extensions will not be interrupting what is the natural ebb and flow of your eyelashes and how they grow. The adverse effects comes from the incorrect application. I will get more into the root cause of discomfort later in this article – the logic applies to how lash extensions can hurt your natural lashes but it shouldn’t be the case if done properly.

Just like the hair on your head, your eyelashes go through a typical shed and grow cycle to where they will be falling out on their own. That is why it’s so important to find an artist who is highly trained but not only in the technical components and aspects of eyelash extensions, but also the safety and shear knowledge a talented eyelash extension artist should possess. It’s important to find that artist as their main objective should be to help you navigate these things you couldn’t possibly know on your own and give you the best experience possible.

With eyelash extensions, you really do get what you pay for. An artist who is not careful or precise with the application of the extension, or the adhesive for that matter, can in fact have negative repercussions for the future health of your natural lashes.

Just keep this in mind:

The best lash artist for you protects the lashes you have while boosting the natural volume you want with eyelash extensions.

3. The Truth About Oils

Eyelash Extensions Need To Know oils damage lash extensions Lavish Cincinnati

Oils and facial creams often times have certain compounds that just flat out don’t play nice with the adhesive used in your lash extension. You want to avoid as best you can substances like creams and cleansers that are oil based. There is a consensus in the lash extension & beauty industry that a majority of oil based face cleansers/creams actually damage your natural lashes and absolutely degrade your lash extension.

This is actually similar to how mascara has negative reactions with your lash extension. The substances in these products that are oil based directly influence how effectively your natural lashes shed. Mascara is particularly bad for how it degrades your lash extension – but that is an entirely separate topic that requires it’s own detailed explanation. You can read more about the eyelash extension mascara myth on our blog to find out what mascara can do to your fresh, new lash extension.

Here’s the science behind it all:

This occurs due to the introduction of oils from other substances like eye creams, a swiftly breakdown the adhesive that is doing the heavy lifting for your very carefully and precisely done lash extension. It’s important to remember the lash extension service if done by the right artist is very technical and very careful. So when you introduce a foreign substance that sole purpose is to actually break down what holds together your extension oh, it’s no wonder that you begin to see some lash breakage and your overall quality of your lash extension begins to fall.

4. Be Mindful Of Your Day To Day

Next up in your eyelash extensions need to know guide is important as it reminds us to mindful or our daily routine with lash extensions. Many people seem to think that once your eyelash extension is complete, then you can go about your day in your typical fashion. But again circling back to the fact that this is a very important investment in yourself, you should be mindful of how you protect that investment.

Exposing your lashes to abrasive surfaces or situations where your eyes are strained is not good for you whether you have an eyelash extensions or not. Things like extreme temperatures are going to adverse effects on your lashes regardless if you have extensions. But even at mild temperatures that you would encounter daily, you should still be cognizant of the situation.

For instance,  there’s no reason to alter you’re cooking behavior, patterns, or schedule, but being a little bit more mindful when you bend down to pull something out of the oven is likely in order. We’ve all been there where we get a little bit too close to the oven a little bit too early. It’s unlikely that this will do any major damage to your eyelash extension but it certainly won’t help. So if you cook frequently, this is one of the more crucial additions to your eyelash extensions need to know repertoire. 

The same goes with the position in which you are sleeping. In order to be safe, is highly recommended that you sleep on your back to avoid rubbing your eyes and lashes against your pillow. Now again, this isn’t possible for everyone and I can understand that. It certainly is not possible for someone like me, so there are other things you can do – like get a sleep mask designed for lash extensions that give you a little bit more room around the eye. This space will give your lashes room to breathe while not constricting air flow. Most of the clients that come to Lavish Cincinnati actually don’t sleep on their back so we end up giving them one of our masks.  Ironically, this mask actually helps some sleep a lot better. The masks block out the light and forces you to begin to sleep process which most people aren’t used to.

As a general rule, if it hurts your eyes or causes physical strain on the eye, regardless of having lash extensions, then you should be especially mindful of that activity once you do have your lash extensions. There are options that are compensating, totally acceptable, and I would endorse them (like sleep masks). But at the end of the day you should be more conscious of your everyday activities when they involve your lashes. That doesn’t mean you need to stop or change things entirely, but you should amend things to protect that investment in your lashes – absolutely is worth it in the long run. This will generally benefit you as your new daily considerations are just net better for you regardless of your lashes. This is why I felt this absolutely fell into the eyelash extensions need to know guide – these are just good measures to observe regardless.

5. Lashes 100% Customized To You

Most people don’t know that lash extensions are actually customized to you. This has applications well beyond this eyelash extensions need to know guide I am giving you. There is a great deal of intricacy at work that goes on when an artist is giving you an eyelash extension. If your artist does not ask you simple questions like:

  • What natural eye shape do you like the most?
  • Is there anything about your shape that you’re hoping to accomplish with the lash extension?
  • What do you find yourself wishing you could change about your lash the most – why do you wish that was changed?

Or any other question that speaks to the shape and look you personally want oh, that is a lash artist who may not be as qualified as you need them to be.

In order to give you the best experience possible, we of course will act as experts at Lavish Cincinnati and guide you through what would give you the best result; but ultimately you are the decision maker in the final outcome and you play a major role in helping us design the look that we are going to be creating for you.

For instance, I myself will typically get the cat eye look where the lashes our little bit more robust and taper towards the outside. Some clients are just looking for natural, simple extension in which case we would recommend and all one length service. but taking this even further, your lash extension cannot only be about shape but it can be about volume.

Check out the Lavish Cincinnati Services we offer to you. We have different tiered options within the eyelash extension category that deliver significantly different results. You can get our Classic Eyelash Extension, with one level up being the Hybrid Lash Extension. The most premium eyelash service we offer is the Volume Lash Extension. This produces the highest amount of volume and gives you the most eye-catching, naturally beautiful look you can get. So an eyelash extension is not just one simple thing. It actually changes dramatically from person to person depending on:

  1. What is best for the client.
  2. What is the look the client wants and what you are trying to accomplish with your beauty service.
  3. What are the possibilities that we can show you that maybe you didn’t even know was possible.

If you want to start customizing your lash look with Lavish Cincinnati head on over to our book now interactive platform! 

6. “I Heard Lash Extensions Hurt”

Eyelash Extensions Need To Know do eyelash extensions hurt Lavish Cincinnati

Does it hurt? A friend got it done and she talks about the nagging pain she sometimes feels.

This is one of the more commonly held myths that there’s a certain degree of nagging pain – annoying pain, really – associated with eyelash extenstion. After talking to clients for years and trying to understand what is the root of this question and understanding the pain being described, it dawned on me:

Most people don’t understand that the synthetic lashes used for your eyelash extensions DO NOT touch your skin.

The Lavish Cincinnati Proven Eyelash Extension Process

We have a process developed and perfectly fine turned through years of experience and hundreds of clients that our extensions are applied at the one-to-one level with consistent spacing and very careful attention to space each synthetic lash has. Also important to the comfort  so many of our clients report and talk about is the bond and connection we create with the natural lash. The Lavish Cincinnati proven process establishes a best in practice distance that the synthetic lash being applied  should be from actually making contact with your skin. Now that is a very small margin, but a margin none the less.

The source of many people’s confusion is that they think the synthetic lash is somehow directly glued to the skin. Which makes sense if you think about how there could be pain from a lash extension. The pain actually comes from a number of different sources but most notably from the tension that is caused from an artist who is not applying the lashes in a very careful and precise way. That is why our method that we apply to your lashes is so valuable not only because it’s effective in long-term results, but it’s what gives you the most comfortable lash application and ultimately the best experience that you can have with lash extensions.

Clumping and other tension causing side effects of lash extensions should not be considered the norm. They are symptoms of an underlying issue in the application of lash extension itself.

Understanding discomfort in the lashes is one of the more important pieces of information in your eyelash extensions need to know post you’re just about through right now. Pain or any discomfort is not good and it’s your first sign you should consult your trained lash artist. This could be due to a number of things, and most of them fall under conveniently treatable.

Eyelash Extensions Need To Know Guide COMPLETE

If you have any questions as a result of all this info, do not hesitate to reach out and ask – that’s exactly what we’re here for! There’s a ton more information on our beauty blog as well so check that out to discover in-depth beauty information you can apply to your everyday life.

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