Top 4 Reasons Lash Lifts Might Not Be For You

Lavish Cincinnati lash lifts provide a very subtle, natural looking enhancement to the lashes you currently have and give you that boost you’ve been looking for. For a number of reasons, clients sometimes are not perfect candidates for our lash lift services. We’ll talk about that below and I’ll encourage you to also check out all our eyelash services where we focus on the beauty needs specific to you. You can also check out the top reasons someone may not be the best candidate for eyelash extensions here

Below are the top 4 reasons some clients are not ideal candidates for lash lifts.

1. If You Have Short, Fine Lashes

Unfortunately with very short, stubby lashes we won’t be able to perform the service properly. I would recommend taking a look at Eyelash Extensions for a more dramatic look where we can build upon your existing lashes.

2. If You Have Highly Sensitive Skin

Your lash lift services requires the use of an adhesive and while it’s not common for clients to experience irritation, we are mindful of this possibility. Since we use a water soluble adhesive to adhere the rod to the eyelid and the lashes to the rod, the risk of those with highly sensitive skin is slightly increased than those who rarely have skin irritation. 

3. If You Are Obsessed With Lash Curlers

Whether you are getting a lash extension or a lift, you want to avoid contact with your face and especially with your lashes as much as possible. Eyelash curlers are the add consistent tension to the lashes during each use. Extended use could cause breakage before a lift but certainly after a lift your lashes are susceptible.

4. If You Want Something Dramatic

Eyelash Lifts are great for those who are just looking for subtle improvements to the volume that currently exist on their natural lashes. But that doesn’t mean that’s what everyone is seeking out. We are able to maintain a very natural look with more pronounced results through all our Lavish Cincinnati beauty services. If you are seeking that, make sure to not only consider our premium lash extensions service, but also our many other beauty offers. 

Not Sure If You Should Get Lash Lifts?

If you are still not sure if lash lifts are right for you or if you have any clarifying questions, you can get in touch with us directly though the contact page and we’ll help you assess your beauty needs and goals to make sure you surpass them with a glowing smile.

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