Meet the Artists

Lavish Cincinnati Artists believe in building trust and connecting with you just as much as much as we prioritize technique. Your trust and comfortability are important so we can give you the exact look you would like.

In total, Lavish Cincinnati artists have more than 30 years experience in the beauty industry performing our beauty services. Learn more about us so you feel comfortable and we can join you on your beauty journey. You can also see more of our work on the Lavish Cincinnati Portfolio.


I think it was eighth grade when I realized I wanted to be a hairstylist. Today I also microblade and do lashes. Expressing my creativity and artistry while connecting with all kinds of people; sharing stories, laughing, and building friendships… makes this the perfect profession for me. I love seeing my clients leave alive after they see their new look. Nothing beats that, seeing them leave feeling excited, confident and comfortable in their own skin.

In my free time, I’m a mother of a beautiful little girl and I enjoy traveling, working out, and continuing my education of my skills trying to keep up with the latest trends.


Ever since her sophomore year in high school, Sophie has known that she wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry. Sophie began her journey by doing hair and has been a hairstylist ever since graduating with her cosmetology license in 2018. Working in the beauty industry she has found her passion in helping her clients turn their dream look into a reality. 

By joining our team at Lavish, Sophie is expanding her skillset to include the world of lashes. She has taken an opportunity to develop more skills and find her specialities in the beauty industry. “Joining Lavish is a great experience for me to grow as an artist while working with my amazing team!” Because cosmetology has become such a passion for Sophie it is truly a part of her life in everything she does. 

Between working two jobs Sophie still finds time to travel, spend time with family, and go to concerts with friends.


My name is Kristin and I have been passionate about makeup since I was old enough to buy it. Within the last five years I have taken a special interest in the latest trends with eyebrows. From tinting and shaping to permanent makeup. I truly love what I do and continuing to learn and grow within the salon. Even though it has its challenges I’m excited to have this opportunity and being able to make people feel beautiful has been the most rewarding part.


Hi! My name is Ciera & I’ve been in the cosmetology world my entire adult life. I’ve always had a passion for wanting to make people feel good about themselves. Lavish Cincinnati always had a reputation of focusing on this with their clients so I knew this was where I had to be. Since joining the amazing team, I have infused the deep knowledge the team has with my invigorated passion for lashes and skincare more broadly. I am eager to meet all of you and can not wait to join you on your self-care journey!


My name is Brittney and I’ve been in cosmetology for 5 years now. Unlike most people, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do by the end of my senior year of high-school. That is until one of my close friends reminded me of the passion in beauty I had. While in cosmetology school, I only found a deeper passion for the industry and further developed the technical skills that are required to be a successful beauty artist. Beyond that, I really came to love how it made people feel. Helping people has always been something I wanted to do in life and with cosmetology, I now have the ability to do that as my profession.

With Lavish Cincinnati I can now lean into the best part of this job, making the client feel more confident and good about themselves, but also cultivate long-lasting relationships with my clients. It’s rare to have the opportunity to connect with people at a personal level the way a beauty artist does with their clients and I am eager to do that with all of you. The girls at Lavish Cincinnati have really welcomed me in and have helped me significantly on my journey to bring my passion to life.

I’m so excited to be apart of the Lavish Cincinnati team and can’t wait to see where this new adventure will take me.


Hi! I’m Melissa – an Airbrush Tan Artist trained and certified by Master Spray Tan Technicians at Norvelle Sunless, Four Seasons Sun Care both in Nashville and Queen City Tan in Cincinnati. My motto of “Do what you love, the rest comes” motivated me to start a side hustle that has now landed me a home at Lavish Cincinnati. I’ve been described as creative, patient, a great listener, and wants to make others feel as beautiful as I see you. I grew up outside, like most kids in the 80’s. Sunscreen was optional. I still love being outside kayaking, reading, and growing things, but I love my skin more 🙂 I’m a sun worshipper without the UV rays! Matching the holistic, strong, and healthy atmosphere at Lavish Cincinnati, I create color for my clients out of earth and skin friendly products for a natural look that illuminates your natural beauty with or without makeup.

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