Lip blush services are a favorite among our clients but often have the most amount of time between the time someone is interested to actually booking their appointment. This is why we’ve aggregated the top 3 most common reactions as they often feel like secrets of lip blush that only those on the other side are privy to. But we’re confident once you’re done reading this blog, you’ll understand better why it’s normal you find yourself doing so much research about this tremendously impactful beauty service and be that much more confident starting your lip blush journey with us!

"I wish I wouldn't have waited so long"

Lip blush services lead the way in terms of how our clients feel and the immediate impact it has on their lives. Understandably, Lip Blush requires a good amount of research which is why we’ve done a number of lip blush focused blogs. There’s a lot of research and training that goes into this service especially when you want to do it effectively. It can feel overwhelming for the intersted client like yourself, but we believe full transparency is the key to earning your trust and ultimately your business. If you have questions outside of the information provided in the above blog link, please contact us. We see time and time again our clients amazed at how lasting the results are which always leads to one of the most common reactions of all our services: “I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long!”.

"I love that I feel like I don't NEED makeup"

While Lip Blush doesn’t eliminate makeup, it does help with the reason why so many of our clients feel like they “needed” makeup in the first place. And that’s why we value Lip Blush so much at Lavish Cincinnati. It’s designed to deliver you the benefits you ACTUALLY wanted – not just the surface aesthetics. Be more confident in yourself thanks to that extra special glow from your voluminous lips. We’ll focus on maximizing the results through our years of experience perfecting this technique – you just focus on enjoying your new, natural glow and don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending less & less time in front of the bathroom mirror each morning! 

"Healing & recovery were important"

Of our more premium services, lip blush is the one that has one of the quickest turnarounds for recovery time. Immediately following your appointment, you can resume most of your normal activities as scheduled. But for a complete recovery, you’re going to need just under a week. It’s common for the very first morning following your appointment for your lips to be a bit darker. Don’t be alarmed! This is 100% normal. Throughout the duration of the healing process, your lips will transform into the intended shade as discussed with your artist. This usually is accompanied with varying levels of peeling/flaking which is a perfectly normal part of how our bodies recover. Let this happen naturally and above all, follow your aftercare instructions as closely as possible. Just stick to this and your lips should match the exact shade you wanted by day 2 or 3. But keep in mind too that you also get a perfection session with this service. Here you can raise any questions of concerns as we encourage you to make sure you are fully satisfied with the results. The artist still has room to make the final results even better or match a small adjustment you think is critical so long as it’s within reason.


You may still be left with some questions about lip blushing and based on blog, that would make perfect sense! To save you some time and energy, below are the 3 most frequently asked questions as well as a link to even more answered questions and information about Lip Blush.

How Much Does Lip Blush Cost?

Lip Blush costs $600. This includes your touch up appointment. For something that lasts atleast two years, this is significantly more cost effective than all the money spent trying to achieve a more full lip appearance that our Lip Blush service delivers in one single appointment. 

How Long Does Lip Blush Last?

Lip Blush lasts at minimum 2 years. The effects will dull over time depending on the care you take to protect your beauty investment. I will help guide you on how to best make your results last. 

Does Lip Blush Hurt?

No, it does not. Pain is relative to the client and their tolerance but there will not be any considerable pain you should be worried about. But to ensure your comfort, we apply a topical anesthesia for light numbing to create the best experience for you possible.

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