Lip Blush Healing

Aftercare & Precare

Lip Blush healing is totally dependant on how closely you follow the lip blush aftercare and precare guidelines. The issue is, not many artists lay this out for you clearly so it’s hard to make sure you are protecting your investment with the proper actions.

Lavish Cincinnati aims to change that for you.

In this article you’ll get the guide to Lip Blush Healing success that spells out clearly the best in class procedure for lip blush precare and lip blush aftercare. For more information about this service in general, check out the Lip Blush Service Page.

Lip Blush Healing Precare

Lip blush precare is important to make sure you are an ideal candidate. Below are some ways you can better understand if you are a good fit for this service.

Cold Sores

If you suspect you have ever had a cold sore in your life you must obtain a prescription for an antiviral and begin taking it 3-5 days prior to the appointment, per your doctor’s instructions. This is critical to preventing a herpes outbreak on your lips post-procedure which is painful, will ruin your work and be unattractive. Please do not skip this step!

Things To Avoid

For 48 hours prior to the procedure avoid:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Vitamin E, Niacin, Omega 3

For 4 weeks prior to the procedure avoid 

  • Chemical Peels
  • Laser treatments
  • Lip Filler 


1-2 days prior to the appointment exfoliate your lips with a natural lip scrub.

Now that you have an idea of the important considerations for your lip blush healing and the best precare procedures, let’s talk about the lip blush aftercare best principles. 

Lip Blush Aftercare

Below I have broken down the lip blush healing day by day for you.


Avoid extremely hot foods and drink with a straw. Wipe your lips with a moist cotton round every 30 minutes for the next 3 hours and apply the ointment given or aquaphor.  Removing this fluid will prevent the formation of thick scabs. After 3 hours wipe your lips every 2 hours until bedtime and apply the ointment given or aquaphor.

Day 2

Wipe your lips 4-6 times per day and keep them moist with given ointment or aquaphor.

Day 3

Wipe your lips every AM and PM and keep them moist with given ointment or aquaphor. By now lips should be fully exfoliated. Keep them protected from the sun. 

Do not use whitening toothpaste during the healing process. Do not pick at your scabs. Ice and pain medicine post procedure is fine. Should your have any issues or concerns at all please contact us at 513-314-2468

Get Your Lip Blush Today

If you are successful in following these steps, you not only massively boost how long your service lasts and you satisfaction, but you also significantly reduce the already low chances you may experience complications. Feel free to explore your beauty options today to see what else is available to you.

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