There’s a common theme most clients mention to me about the lash lift Cincinnati scene (and the beauty industry in general) – it has been done by the same artists, the same way for years now.

The problem is, as time goes on, the industry discovers better ways to do things. At Lavish Cincinnati, we are now offering lash lifts with a refreshing update and technique that is meant to last. Our technique on lash lifts has many of our clients finding them a suitable alternative to the industry standard of lash luxury; the lash extension.

To see all of your lash options at Lavish Cincinnati, make sure to visit our eyelash services page.

But why? What makes lash lifts so beloved by many of our clients? Check out our post about Eyelash Lifts vs. Eyelash Extensions where we go into all the details that make a lash lift different than extensions for more a deep dive.

In this post, I’ll lay out 3 reasons lash lifts in Cincinnati are getting a major facelift by Lavish Cincinnati:

1. Lash Lift: Cincinnati Clients Now Have A Low Maintenance Solution

Aside from conditioning your lashes and keeping generally good care of them like you would normally, there’s no real added steps or additional considerations to protect your lashes. Lash lifts don’t limit you from doing anything. Lash extensions on the other hand require you to be very careful doing many of your daily tasks like sleeping, applying your daily makeup, etc. Because lash lifts work with your natural lashes, your day can continue as normal without stressing over ruining your luxurious lash lift.

2. No Extra Lash Prep

With lash lifts, you can wear your normal eye makeup and go about your daily life as normal. Extensions on the other hand, we would discourage you from wearing mascara. This is because this leads to premature loss of lashes from the breakdown in the adhesive.

Because they add so much curl and volume with synthetic lashes carefully added to your individual natural lashes, they are susceptible to being affected. There are other things to be mindful of if you are considering lash extensions – for more information, check out our blog about eyelash extensions in Cincinnati and top 5 reasons Lavish Cincinnati can help you in your lash quest.

If you are considering lash lift, the good news is you can wear your normal makeup and come in as often as you like. You don’t need to keep track of your last visit or anything further like with your lash extensions. Come in as often as you’d like a natural lash boost!

3. Add A Tint To Supercharge Your Lash Lift

We’ve already talked about the low maintenance benefits we are now offering our lash lift Cincinnati residents as well as the no prep mindset you can with a lash lift. Now we can talk about how to take your lash lifts to the next level!

Just because a lash lift doesn’t quite match the volume and robust look lash extensions give you doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a look that is transformative. With a lash lift & tint, you can instantly add a boldness to your natural lash lift as well as depth via the darkness from the tint. You’ll love how easy the whole process is and this is the PERFECT solution for someone who wants to simplify their makeup routine. You can read more about our lash lift & tint on our Lavish Cincinnati Services page.

Mascara can be a very flattering and powerful essential in your morning makeup routine – but many of our clients don’t enjoy applying it. It’s tedious and they want a way to wake up and go. We’re happy to give you that solution at Lavish Cincinnati with by adding a lash tint to your lift! It’s our favorite recommendation to give to our busier clients who are professionals always on the go or the hero moms out there who know taking care of children is a very difficult, albeit rewarding, full time job. Devote your time and energy to the places that matter most – not the mirror applying mascara or curling your lashes.

Lash Lift Cincinnati: Are You Ready To Give Your Lashes A Boost?

Hopefully we’ve made it very clear how hassle-free, low maintenance, and bold your lash lift can be – especially when paired with our tint service. Ready to give your lashes the fresh boost they deserve? Check out our book now page where we have recently developed an interactive platform that makes Lavish Cincinnati services more accessible and easier to book than ever before. If you have any questions or trouble booking, please call, text, or email us at 513-314-2468 & We look forward to serving you 🙂