Eyelash Extensions in Cincinnati are everywhere! If you here checking out this content, then it’s reasonable to assume you feel comfortable with the difference between eyelash extensions and eyelash lifts. But in case you aren’t, check out this blog I recently wrote to help clarify for you!

There’s plenty of information available online across the internet about what makes a good lash procedure and what to look for when deciding what kind of lash service is best for you. We have also created some content just like that as well. But what I want to do today is to walk you through why Lavish Cincinnati specifically is the best place for you to get your lash services done. And before we dig in – if you want to see all of your lash options at Lavish Cincinnati, make sure to visit our eyelash services page.

Here’s five HUGE reasons why you should get your eyelash extensions (or lash lift) done at Lavish Cincinnati:

Eyelash Extension Health & Safety Licensing

This is one of those important topics that clients don’t assume to be an issue but you’d be surprised. Licensure regulation for eyelash extensions in Cincinnati, and all across the state of Ohio for that matter, is heavily monitored and diligently enforced by the State Board of Cosmetology. The reason this matters is because neighboring states don’t have similar licensure procedures. Kentucky in particular is not controlled by any regulatory body. It is important that your eyelashes extensions or lifts procedure is carried out by someone who you can be sure is trained. Otherwise you risk going to an artist who could be anyone. Seeing as how Kentucky is so close to Cincinnati, this should be something you consider when getting eyelash extensions in Cincinnati and neighboring northern Kentucky.

When you implement licensing to an industry, you ensure that the clients of those establishments are in good hands. Licensing ensures everyone who is licensed can do a good job and is following health and safety codes. At Lavish Cincinnati, all three artists are up to date with all their licenses. We all have additional licenses and training as well to provide maximum value to our clients.

Approachable, Down-To-Earth Salon

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. So often salons overdo it with an attitude that is hard to feel welcome. We strongly feel that just because you are getting a premium service doesn’t mean it can’t be approachable.

At Lavish Cincinnati, you can get the kind of beauty work you see on TV but still feel like our salon was made for you – because it was.

Beauty Artist Experience

Lavish Cincinnati artists have a combined 20+ years of experience in the beauty industry. There is no other licensed artist who is providing eyelash extensions in Cincinnati to clients that has more experience.

This is a great transition to call out our deep technical experience and industry training across the board. At Lavish Cincinnati, you have  diverse options across multiple beauty artists from services ranging from microblading to eyelash extensions to dermaplanning.

Diverse Artist Training & Skills  

Of salons offering eyelash extensions in Cincinnati, we have uniquely wide training, certifications, and skills to suit anything you could ever want out of a beauty salon. We have two dedicated eyelash extension artists and both are properly licensed by the State Board Of Cosmetology.

Founder and owner of Lavish Cincinnati Makara Barger has been a beauty artist most of her adult life and specializes in microblading as well as running the strategy of the salon. After successfully growing the business for the past few years she has been fortunate to bring on other artists to add to the beauty services available to you.

One of our talented artists is a cosmetologist and the other is an esthetician. You can read all about their backgrounds here 🙂

User-Friendly Checkout 

Our booking process (Meevo) is very simple and easy for you to use. It makes the checkout process fun 🙂 An article of ours was even featured on the Meevo website – you can check that out here.

On top of that, we have packages that offer you a lot of savings. We believe beauty is an investment you deserve. So with Lavish Cincinnati you can book not only things for eyelash extensions, we want you to come to us for all your beauty needs so you can also book things like facials and microblading all in the same package and save big chunks of your money! Give us a call to inquire about our beauty packages today.

Eyelash Extension Conclusion

So while Eyelash Extensions in Cincinnati can be tough to navigate, these five reasons should help you make up your mind. We believe firmly that while there are many places you could go to get your eyelash extension and lash lift done, that Lavish Cincinnati is the best place for you in Cincinnati. We may be biased, but check out the rest of our blog by clicking here and see for your self.

You can also use our game-changing booking software to book your appointment today by clicking here and getting started. We can’t wait to serve you and look forward to giving you the lashes you’ve always dreamed of!