This one is contentious and still debated. But I’m going to explain why I feel mascara SHOULD NOT be used with lash extensions. The distinctions and details matter so I’ll be diving deep here but it’s important.

There is a lot of science and there are arguments to be made that you can in fact wear mascara.

Now, I know what you are thinking:

“But Makara, you just told me I shouldn’t do it?!”

The main point of this is there is a difference between what you can do and what you should do. 

Let me explain.

The Great Eyelash Extension Mascara Conspiracy

The issue is it’s very difficult to find a mascara that actually would not compromise your eyelash extension results.

And I wouldn’t want to sacrifice the results my clients are seeking by trusting someone who isn’t a professional practicing eyelashes and studying the art of eyelash extensions to know what oil base compound degrades eyelash extension adhesive and which mascara is oil-free and won’t damage. Even reading that is likely stressful. Now imagine trying to sift through ingredients, product details, etc.

Yeah, not fun.

I don’t want any of my clients or any of you reading this who are considering eyelash extensions to be in a position where you now all the sudden have to be an expert in organic compounds and oils to know if this is going to hurt you and your lashes. Conversely, I want to provide eyelash extension experience that I’d only has positive physical effects on you but also help your lash extensions have an emotional impact, too. Here’s what I mean by that.

Because the eyelash extension experience at Lavish Cincinnati is so much about who you are as a person and how valuable you are, you’ll notice how eyelash extensions dramatically improve your comfortability with your own beauty. Our clients constantly mentuion when they come back for their Fill-Ins that they don’t feel the need to be putting on mascara in those moments where it’s “just not possible to not wear mascara”.

So in summary, there exists a finite amount of oil free mascara that won’t have the oils in them that are the culprit for breaking down the adhesive and leading to premature breakage of your eyelashes. I risk putting my clients in a position of lash damage advocating for mascara when a majority of mascara does in fact limit your lash results and longevity. If for some reason you MUST wear mascara and can not avoid it at any circumstance, head over to our contact page and email/call – I’ll walk you through the very small list of specific products. These are the product I’ve literally used myself and I can vouch for.

But I’ll always land on the fact that a lash extension does a lot more than simply extend your lashes. It makes you feel enough to not need any other makeup that alters who you are. So you can focus on being you.

Have more eyelash extensions mascara, procedure, or anything else related? Check out our eyelash extensions need to know information for a comprehensive breakdown of all the viral facts you should know before getting your lash extensions. There’s also a healthy amount of information that goes into details about your lash options on our eyelash services page

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