Eyelash Extensions Cincinnati cost vary depending on level of experience and training – or atleast lash extensions should depend on these two factors more than anything.

But as you’ve done your research, I’m sure you’ve noticed one very interesting fact:

Prices change without any rhyme, reason, or justification from the salon.

You wouldn’t be crazy for being stuck on that either. There are very few salons in Cincinnati with the level of certifications our artists have, the experience we bring to the table, or the amount of clients we’ve been lucky enough to help achieve the look they have been seeking. Discover more about who is right for you from our salon on the Lavish Cincinnati Artists page.

With this in mind, first I’ll list a summary of our eyelash extensions Cincinnati cost. Once you can see what we price, I also want to make sure it’s clear what’s going to happen at your appointment so you know we do not deviate from our proven method as it consistenly provides quality results that people will notice and compliment you for.

Eyelash Extensions Cincinnati Cost Summary

We offer three different types of lash extensions you can choose from:

  1. Classic Lash Extensions
    • Full Set: $150
    • 1-8 Day Fill-In: $45
    • 2 Week Fill-In: $65
  2. Hybrid Lash Extensions
    • Full Set: $185
    • Fill-In: $85
  3. Volume Eyelash Extensions
    • Full Set: $225
    • Fill-In: $99

If you read that and immediately have questions, don’t worry! I thought of that. Check out our full service breakdown and see all of Lavish Cincinnati eyelash services we offer you. It’s very important to note that all of our eyelash extensions Cincinnati cost and explanation apply to 3 week gaps. If more than 3 weeks has elapsed, then the time you’ll need in order to restore your lash extensions to their former selves will significant go up – thus, we must treat this as a new appointment and it’s what’s best for your lashes and the longevity of your results. If you have any questions about this specifically, please feel free to reach out through the Lavish Cincinnati contact us page.

Lavish Cincinnati has provided top tier Cincinnati eyelash extensions services for years now and with all the technique, skills, and safety training we offer, we are confident you’ll find an artist that suits your needs. You can check out Lavish Cincinnati Artists page for who is available to partner with you on your beauty journey. 

Now that we’ve give you a basic rundown of the price and how we structure our eyelash extension services, next let’s look at the appointment start to finish. Leave a comment below or contact us through our “contact us” page or email directly. 

Step 1: Cleanse

We begin the entire process by cleansing the lashes with non oily make-up remover. We do this to ensure your lashes are free from oils, makeup, and/or debris. This is very important because if you don’t cleanse before the eyelash extensions process begins, your lashes will not adhere properly or might cause a barrier not allowing lift solution to work properly.


Step 2: Secure Lashes With Lash Pad

Similar to our process explanation of lash lift and tint cost and procedure, securing the lashes is a key step in the process. When done correctly,

When isolation is done properly your natural lashes are able to lash the upper lashes without affecting the lower lashes 

Without securing lower lashed you wont be able to isolate upper lashes properly for individual placement of lashes to keep your natural lashes healthy


Step 3: Isolation

When isolation is done properly your lashes can shed during their natural shed cycle . You want to enable your lashes to shed during their natural shed cycle so that it causes no harm to your natural lashes in this process. 

If you dont isolate properly you can cause damage to your natural lashes, not allowing them to shed during their natural shed cycle. This can also be painful from the pulling of multiple lashes being pulled to “clump” causing tension on the lash follicle.


Step 4: Adhesive

A small amount works best and gets the best results we’ve seen over the years on hundreds of clients. The better our attention to detail on this one, the better your eyelash extensions lay seamlessly on the natural lash.


Step 5: Single Lash Application

By applying a single lash extension to a single natural lashes your extensions can shed properly, look and feel natural, and cause no damage to your natural lashes. If you were to consider another artist and they were describing to you (if they even did that for you online or in person) the process as having the lash extension lay on multiple lashes, that would not be good. It can cause irritation to the lash follicle this can be painful and cause damage to you natural lashes, as well as cause clumping and look very unnatural. 


Step 6: Repeat Single Lash Application Method

We are diligent to make sure each lash recieved all the attention it deserved!


Step 7: Hydro-Mister

The hydro-mister will ensure curing occurs. Curing matters because otherwise the first time they get wet it can cause slight burning from the adhesive when the eye is open. 

By using the light mist to cure the adhesive it will give better retention by sealing 


Step 8: Fan Lashes

Fan lashing after the hydro-mister is extremely important. It helps to complete the curing process for better retention and prevent premature loss


Step 9: Brush & Seperate

Brush and seperating the lashes helps to maximize the result we just made happen for you!


Step 10: Remove Lower Lash Pads

The results are immediate and at this stage, you have officially completed your lash appointment with Lavish Cincinnati. 

If you have questions about about the eyelash extensions Cincinnati cost, procedures, or anything else at all please feel free to head over to our questions page to contact us directly. 

And there you have it! If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact us!

Hopefully now you feel like you are prepared to start your journey to lavish lashes with a luxurious eyelash extension or our eyelash fill-in services. Don’t forget to check out our full eyelash services page to reference the detailed explainations

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