Cincinnati facial services have been one of our most requested services as we’ve expanded how we serve the local community here at Lavish Cincinnati. You would think that one of the major reasons people have expressed so much interest in facials is for the relaxation benefits but we’ve come to realize facials have far more functional benefits that people are interested in. This is especially true for our Cincinnati Dermaplanning services. Below find the top 10 benefits of our Cincinnati Facial Services.

1. Anti-aging

Facials are anti-aging because massaging the face helps produce collagen which creates healthier skin that gives off a noticeable vibrancy. This leads to younger-looking skin for you.

2. Promotes blood circulation

Facials are anti-aging because massaging the face helps produce collagen which creates healthier skin that gives off a noticeable vibrancy. This leads to younger-looking skin for you.

3. Eliminate blackheads and whiteheads 

At Lavish Cincinnati, we are unique to other salons in that we offer esthetician expertise which is a specific training that qualifies us to guide you in all things skin-related. This includes the important choice you make for the products you use on your skin as we help guide you. Your facial also includes the use of special instruments we have training to use to safely extract unsightly blackheads and whiteheads without damaging your skin whatsoever. Done incorrectly, and this can leave scars and make your skin unable to recover to the natural, beautiful glow you have that everyone deserves to see. Don’t trust anyone with a facial, your face is too important to not go to a specialized artist with experience.

4. Deep Cleanse Of Your Skin

A facial is able to give your skin a deep clean that isn’t achievable with normal home care. We do this for you using professional grade products and mechanical devices that only highly trained estheticians are qualified to use.

Meet Your Licensed Esthetician Melissa

Melissa is a licensed and trained esthetician focused on the facial and skincare services for Lavish Cincinnati. Read more on her profile by clicking below or continue on with the Top 10 Benefits For Facials article. 

5. Treats acne and acne marks 

The treatment of acne can be highly misunderstood and sometimes counterproductive to your skin care goals. Because your skin is unique to you, the best option is not always something you grab yourself from the store. Our Cincinnati Facial option includes the consultation from a licensed esthetician who will help you choose professional grade products that will help treat acne and perform treatments such as peels that can reduce acne scarring. 

6. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is key to eliminate dead skin on your face. Proper exfoliation leads to new skin to come forth, collagen renewal, and also includes the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. No one wants wrinkles – exfoliate properly with our facial! 

7. Tighten Your Skin 

Facials help replenish your skin’s natural collagen. This is an important component that rejuvenates your skin and makes it naturally appear tighter while maintaining it’s soft, moisturized feel.

8. Reduce Pore Size

With more than 20 years between the artists at Lavish Cincinnati, pore size is one of the more common misunderstandings of our clients and it’s important to clarify. Pore sizes actually cannot physiologically change. With that said, a facial and the right products chosen by trained estheticians will result in your pores being cleansed and exfoliated. This is what leads to them actually appearing smaller and thus, more healthy.

9. Rejuvenate Your Skin

Facials encourage rejuvenation by using treatments that will promote a newer layer of skin to resurface through the removal of the outermost layers of skin. The new skin cell growth results is a healthier, brighter complexion that everyone will notice and can’t help but compliment you over.

10. Reduce Your Stress

While we focused this list to go deeper than the prototypical answer of “relaxation” that many people give when asked what are the benefits of facials, it’s still important to call out reducing stress is paramount to the appearance of your skin. Through the mechanisms mentioned above and just how the body naturally responds to light massaging, facials can do wonders for your stress levels. Our bodies and hormones react different physically to heightened stressed. It’s not only encourages, but it’s incumbent upon you to consider facials for the sake of reducing stress and cortisol levels. This has much more broad, positive implications beyond the health of your facial skin but uniquely improves your natural glow.

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