Professional Skincare vs. Over The Counter: What’s The Difference?

Lavish Cincinnati facials and skincare expert Melissa breaks down why Lavish Cincinnati now offers the new SKINSCRIPT professional line and why you should consider. Learn more about them and how to access them below. You can also access all of the Lavish Cincinnati beauty services if you are interested in your skincare or other options today.

Do you ever wonder why we recommend professional skincare rather than products you can buy at mass retailers?

Below you’ll find a breakdown of our new SKINSCRIPT line available for purchase and how professional products compare to over the counter products. 

Over the Counter Products

  • made in large batches for the masses
  • low percentage of active ingredients
  • contains fillers
  • sensory focused; smells good
  • probably have high pH levels
  • products are made of large molecules
  • sits on top of the skin; “feels” good
  • purchased at department stores
  • usually pricey for what you really get

Professional Products

  • made in small batches
  • high levels of active ingredients
  • chirally correct; clinical, corrective
  • no colors or dyes
  • pH adjusted
  • product molecules are small
  • penetrates the skin; treats skin conditions
  • sold in professional outlets
  • reasonably priced for quality products

Lavish Cincinnati: Your Skincare Experts Await

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