Why Go Pro vs. KISS?

The major benefits of getting professional lash services is the application of the lashes themselves. The expertise you get with Lavish Cincinnati Lash Services comes from more than 20 years experience in the beauty business. The downsides of the lashes like KISS or similar brands sold at retail stores is you run the risk of incorrect application.

While the list is fairly extensive as to why applying your own lashes is risky, below find a summary of the specifics about the application process.

Eyelash Isolation & Clumping

You cannot safely apply individual lash extensions on yourself with your eyes closed. 

Why? The main issue is you can’t isolate (or separate) your lashes to apply without damaging your natural lashes.

Protection of your natural lashes is what really makes your lash lift look beautiful and natural. 

One commonly misunderstood thing about your lashes is they have cycles similar to skin. They go through three specific cycles – one of the most important is the “shedding cycle”.

This is the rejuvenation period that produced beautiful, healthy lashes but when your lashes are not isolated properly, it can cause permanent damage to the growth cycle of your natural lashes.

Not isolating and applying properly can also create clumping. This typically presents to the client as painful or tender lashes.

This is not normal at all.

Clumping specifically causes tension on your lash line which can be painful. This is the root cause of the pain and leads to damaged follicles as well as stys.

Eyelash Removal

Getting your KISS or other retail sold lashes on correctly without damaging your natural lashes is hard enough.

Now imagine removal. This really increases the likelihood you are damaging the natural lashes you need to protect. Lash removal depends on correct use of the products that facilitate the process. Ask yourself:

“How familiar am I with these lash removal products?”

If the answer is no, do you think it’s worth risking damaging a very important part of your face that is difficult to heal and go back to your natural, beautiful lashes?

But don’t worry! Lavish Cincinnati is here to help – check our beauty services to see your lash options available to you. Please visit our contact page if you’d like to get in touch.

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