Microblading Blonde Brows

How To Get The Right Shade

Microblading blondes usually is accompanied with the typical fear about getting the right shade to match their natural hair color. It usually seems like such a daunting task, that it turns many clients who would be perfect for microblading off entirely. If you are super curious, read more about permanent makeup services on the Lavish Cincinnati Microblading/Powder Brows page.

At Lavish Cincinnati, our main focus with microblading blondes and powder brows overall is to ensure that your new brows look very natural.

The fear makes perfect sense. But what is often misunderstood is just how customized microblading is. We perform each service to the specific needs of each individual client, this includes those with fair skin tones, darker skin tones, red hair, blonde hair, and anything you can think of.

We make sure to work with you on your desired shade and give you exactly the look you are going for. In order to help you while you consider, we encourage you to lean on the conservative side during the first session if you are nervous. Keep in mind you have a follow up “perfection session” we can always darken the shade. This comes with your microblading package when you book here.

Given that microblading is about giving you your bold new look in a very natural way, blondes usually find that once they get their initial microblading, they want to opt for a slightly darker shade. It’s almost always about the fear of being initially too dark which is understandable. And while it’s uncommon our microblading artists make adjustments to microblading given the amount of work done upfront with clients, we are more than happy and eager to help those that may be hesitant and want to go with the more conservative shades at first.

Still have questions about microblading and if it’s right for you? Please feel free to get in contact and we’ll help guide you to the brows you’ve always wanted.

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