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“Does Lip Blush Hurt?”

Lip Blush continues to grow in popularity as the permanent makeup service is being used to help women regain control of their morning routine and eliminate so much of the makeup hassle. At Lavish Cincinnati, we continue to be one of the leading beauty service providers on the Cincinnati Lip Blush scene. A part of that is answering some of the most common questions about our Lip Blush Service. Find out the answer below but feel free to get in contact if you have any other specific questions – we’re happy to help!

So, Does Lip Blush Hurt?

“Does Lip Blush Hurt?”

Lip Blush ultimately comes down what the client can handle. Considering pain and discomfort are such subjective concepts, it’s not a hard and fast rule to say “never does lip blush hurt“. At Lavish Cincinnati our goal is to deliver the best beauty experience possible. For that reason, we use a topical numbing agent 30 min prior to starting on you. This alleviates any of the low-level pain that might accompany your beauty service. With that said, some clients have described some slight discomfort at times. But by far the most common sentiment is “it’s not nearly as bad as I expected.

Because that’s how it’s best described, discomfort.

The most sensation you’ll likely feel is at the very beginning. To put it into perspective, if you have ever had microblading, the topical numbing agent applied for your lip blush session is atleast on par with the effectiveness of eliminating the discomfort.

More Lip Blush Questions?

If you still have Lip Blush questions after this brief summary, no worries. Get in touch using our contact page to discover more. Or simply use the links below:

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