Lip blush fit concerns about who makes for an ideal candidate can sometimes be difficult information to find. To put it plainly, anyone can be a good candidate for lip blush. There are a number of scenarios in which you will find it beneficial to have the Lavish Cincinnati Lip Blushing service done for you.

But it’s just as important to understand who is not an ideal lip blush fit. But as promised, let’s kick things off with a few examples who it is for. Keep in mind, this list is not exhaustive and does not represent the only circumstances in which lip blushing would be beneficial for you; just the most common. Otherwise we’d be here all day!



For starters, we’ve found that parents have a strong lip blush fit. Perpetually on the go and never enough time in the day, lip blush is seemingly magical as it can give you back much needed time you may have lost taking care of your family. All that ime in front of the bathroom mirror trying to create a voluminous look, you can not wake up with. Not to mention, it’s a nice treat to roll out of out bed with full lips and robust color to compliment the natural beauty you may not always have the time for yourself. It’s your way of prioritizing yourself without feeling like it was at the expense of your loved ones.


This same logic applies for working professionals who find themselves in similar situations – and often time overlapped with the previous group but not always. Lip blushing is for a wide range of ages and lifestyles. The working professionally is uniquely suited for this service given that time saved could go into preparing for your day. This habit has a positive effect on your career as you can better manage your day. As the saying goes: “time is money”. Moreover, the confidence boost often cited afterwards is arguably more impactful than the time given back. It’s hard to put a price on feeling more confident in yourself and the positive impacts that has on your everyday life, especially one’s career.


Another common client who is a perfect fit are those with skin color that is a match or near match to their skin tone. When facial skin tones are so close to your natural lip color, it’s all the more easy to give you that natural-look that many of our clients say is vital to being happy with their results. Along these same lines if anyone with small blemishes or a beauty mark would like to blend this to effectively remove the spot, they can achieve this look with lip blushing.

These are just three very common types of clients we see at Lavish Cincinnati that have a strong lip blush fit but there are many more and you could fall into this group! But if you want to make sure, please feel free to contact us or if you are ready for the lips of your dreams, you can book here in just a few clicks and even fewer minutes.

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