How Lavish Cincinnati Is Tackling Coronavirus

At Lavish Cincinnati, Health & Safety Has Always Been Priority #1. As professionals who must remain diligent of not just Coronavirus but overall cleanliness on a daily basis, we have an effective plan in place to continue to provide you with beauty services, uninterrupted.

There’s a reason why salons are so regulated and closely inspected with artists requiring multiple licenses and regular updates at the state level. It’s for times like these when sanitary protocols are highly effective. At Lavish Cincinnati, we are fully licensed comprehensively trained cosmetologists & estheticians which makes us uniquely qualified to deal with the evolving coronavirus situation. A major component of state licensing are the strict safety measures and exhaustive training we are put through. 

On top of extensive safety training we’ve remained committed to, we’ve further increased our safety standards to match the level of care and comfort you deserve.

This is especially true here at Lavish Cincinnati. Our top priority over the short term is making sure all of our clients and future clients understand safety is first, consistent with how we’ve always operated. Thanks to the standard we require to provide services, we are comfortable continuing to support the Greater Cincinnati Area with all your beauty needs. You can learn more about your options on the Lavish Cincinnati services page

Rest assured, you are in good hands with Lavish Cincinnati. We will remain open during this time and continue to provide excellent customer service and keep delivering on the beauty needs of the greater Cincinnati area.

Please refer directly to the CDC page for public information on Coronavirus and how to monitor COVID-19.

We have taken extensive, proactive measures to safely accomodate clients and are ensuring your health remains top area of focus. These measures include:

  1. Added two daily, thorough full salon cleanses. We do this at time of open and also at time of close.
  2. Additional cleaning measures have been instituted on top of the typical cleansing routine after each client visit.
  3. We’ve put even more strict sanitation guidelines in place on any beauty tool that is used on clients.
  4. We ask you to please notify us if you’ve been feeling ill or have been in contact with someone who has. As a safety precaution, we’ll make sure to get a new appointment convenient to your schedule and work with you to make it as simple as possible.
  5. While many have continued to trust us during this time and keep appointments, we ask that you limit anyone who may accompany you on your visit with us as a precautionary measure.

We will keep you updated on our plan to provide safe, quality beauty service as the coronavirus situation unfolds. Our intention right now is to assure those interested in beauty services, we are here to support you in this time. Whether that be a question, concern, or general intrigue as you weigh your options. You can head to our contact page for more information on your options for getting in touch or use the links below:

The beauty industry has always found a way to endure & thrive, especially in situations like we’re in today. I am thankful that Lavish Cincinnati is in a position to continue to support you and we look forward to joining you on your journey.

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