Lash Enhancement & Infralash: Match Made In Heaven

Lash enhancement is one of the growing evolvements in the lash space and at the leading edge of that is Infralash. In this blog you’ll discover why lash enhancement is so sought after, what Infralash is, and ultimately you’ll be able to decide if it’s right for you. For more specific details as well as more information about all things lashes, see our lash services page or contact us for any specific questions you may have but feel aren’t covered here.

Lash Enhancement 101: The Rundown

Enhancing natural beauty is one of the key tenants to our beauty services. Infralash does not deviate from this core belief. Lash enhancement is just another way for you to add not only convenience to your life as you get an enormous amount of time back saved from standing in the mirror applying makeup, but you’ll also likely notice a boost to your confidence thanks to the fundamentals of this service.

At it’s core, this technique is a line of pigment delicately traced in the upper and lower white spaces of the eyelashes. The lines are visible only when the eyes are open. Futhermore, it’s so popular and in high demand due to it being so broadly appropriate for clients of all skin types and needs.  There’s two simple elements to consider when determining is this for you:

#1. Do you want to enhance your lashes?

#2. Are you looking for natural-looking results?

It’s really that simple! While some of our other permanent makeup services are more selective based on things like skin type, infralash is much more available for the average client. But don’t let it’s broad viability fool you into thinking this is merely a short term solution. This will last you on average 12-24 months bringing it in line with the investment and longevity you’ll expect with our other flagship permanent makeup services. 

lash enhancement infralash 1 lavish cincinnati

Infralash & Its Benefits

On to the specifics! Like all our beauty services, we believe they are more than just simple services: they are investment into yourself. And it’s our belief that you are worth that investment. Here is what you will get out of your investment:

  • Fuller Lash Appearance: Infralash reinforces the fullness of your lashes. Fuller lashes equals sexier eyes!
  • Eye Color Pop: Infralash brings up the natural color of your eyes beautifully in a way that suits your natural face. 
  • Natural Look: Even when you don’t have makeup on, your eyes and lashes will look naturally pretty. This is one of the most important pieces. It’s a service that continues to pay dividends beyond its original purpose.
lash enhancement infralash before lavish cincinnati
lash enhancement infralash after lavish cincinnati

For these benefits and others, your total cost is $350 which also INCLUDES the 6-8 week touch up session to ensure not only your results are exactly as you like them but help you best make your infralash last as long as possible so you can reap the maximum benefits.

Use the booking button above if you are ready to book your infralash service. Or, if you want to learn more about our beauty specialists, you can find our digital portfolio here or you can read more about all of the Lavish Cincinnati Beauty Artists here. Regardless of where you are after all this, we’re glad you stopped by and are eager to partner with you on your beauty journey.