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Includes design and shaping of your eyebrows &

Powder Brows is also permanent makeup, but it’s a totally different technique from Microblading. The powder brow technique uses a single needle technique with a machine to deposit the color. This technique is great for many skin types and is less trauma to the skin. The finished look is a ‘powdered brow,’ like you have used a pencil to fill in, rather than individual hair strokes. This Technique can still look very natural, like microblading.


Protect your investment, clean up your brows

This is the perfect service to sharpen your powder brows if they have faded or you want to make any changes in the size, shape, or darken the color. This would be for someone with previous permanent make-up such as microblading or powder brows.

*If you have had previous permanent make-up such as microblading or powder brows done by someone other than Lavish Cincinnati we require a consultation to schedule this service.


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What Is The Sale?

50% Off Powder Brows

Powder Brows have been a client favorite for years at Lavish Cincinnati and for a limited time, I am excited to announce I am offering an introductory discount offer of $300 which includes your 6-8 week perfection session. This is a 50% discount off our regular price of $600! This is available only for clients booking with me. 

What's The Catch?

At Lavish Cincinnati, you are our first priority. As such, your results and care will remain at our very high standards. The reason there is a limited time offer is solely to give clients an opportunity to trust new Lavish artists. In fact, it’s because of the standards that Lavish Cincinnati backs new artists in this way. The only catch is once availability is gone, there’s no redeeming this 50% discount once June bookings are gone. Get yours while it lasts!

How Long Does It Last?

This flash sale only will last through June 30th, 2021. 

"Making people feel beautiful has been the most rewarding part. being able to make people feel beautiful has been the most rewarding part."

Kristin Scarlatella

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