Everything You Need To Know About HydroJelly Masks

Have you been looking for a way to enhance your natural beauty and brighten your face? Well book your HydroJelly Mask today for the simple solution to beautiful skin rejuvanatation. 

What Is A HydroJelly Mask?

Hydrojelly masks have one main priority as all of the Lavish Cincinnati facial services do: to give you an incredible relaxing and pampering experience while enhancing your natural beauty. And this service does this through gentle exfoliation. There are many different types of jelly masks, with a wide range of benefits. But the Hydrojelly mask is a favorite of the Lavish Cincinnati facial services suite as they are incredibly soothing and calming. They also are a great way to finish a facial, hydrafacial, or dermaplaning service.

Benefits Of A HydroJelly Mask?

The Hydrojelly mask has major skin benefits. A common problem is the skin’s ability to retain the proper amount of moisture as well as a solid balance. Our facial skin is especially clumsy with this. But the Hydrojelly mask supercharges your facial moisture balance and enriches your skin for a hydrated, healthy look. That glow you’ve been after is just one Hydrojelly mask away! 

How Long Does A HydroJelly Mask Take?

Hydrojelly masks are very quick services you can get either as an add-on service or as a stand alone service. Once applied, the hydrojelly mask will sit for 15-20 minutes. The masks start out as powder based and then mixed with water before being applied.

The hydrojelly mask can be applied over the entire face if you choose. Some people opt for the eyelids to not be covered. We recommend whatever you are most comfortable with unless you have a desire for your eyelids to be moisturized as well. If so, the most typical route is to cover the face for an evenly distributed mask.

Once the 15-20 minutes is up, your licensed Lavish Cincinnati Artists simply peels off the mask with little residue remaining for an easy clean up.

How Do I Get A HydroJelly Mask?

As we’ve discussed, the hydrojelly mask is a great add on or you can get this glowing treatment all by itself. We recommend you pair with one of our other popular services like our Signature Facial Plus Dermaplanning Package or our Glow and Go Facial. Either way, don’t you deserve your pampering facial treatment while investing in the way you feel about yourself?

If you have any questions whatsoever, you can get in touch directly with us using the contact page for ways to reach out. We look forward to joining you on your beauty journey! 

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