Eyelash Extensions Lashes Fears

Eyelash Extensions Lashes services are among our most popular beauty services here at Lavish Cincinnati. That doesn’t mean that some of those who end up choosing this service didn’t initially harbor fears about upping their lash game with eyelash extensions. That could even be you right now as you read this.

That’s exactly why this post exist: to help overcome those perceived fears and illuminate information in order to answer questions you have about eyelash extensions lashes. The goal isn’t to convince you that you deserve eyelash extensions lashes, though to be perfectly clear you absolutely do, rather its to make you feel as if you’re equipped to make the best decision that is right for you and your beauty journey.

3 Lash Extension Concerns

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While the benefits of eyelash extensions are vast, one fear our clients report having is the maintenance of their extensions. Specifically, the 2 week lash fills needed in order to keep your eyelash extensions lashes looking lavish. This diligence results in fill-in appointments starting at$65 every 2 weeks, depending on the eyelash extensions service you go with. 

We address this head on because it’s critical you understand the full scope of getting eyelash extensions as this ensures your satisfaction is maximized. So it’s important to figure out if you feel you’re a good fit for eyelash extension lashes as the benefits far outweigh the investment if the results you’ll get meet your expectations. If you are someone who is truly after a fresh new & bold look, the biweekly visits for fills are simply a way to affordably maintain your beautiful new lashes. Once you see the difference lash extensions make on enhancing your natural beauty, you’ll want to protect it.

Additionally, many of our clients often comment on how nice it’s been to put the mascara down entirely as they’ve felt comfortable without it since getting extensions. The confidence boost also often accompanies less time in front of the mirror applying additional makeup though of course that’s entirely your choice if you want to do that. It’s just noteworthy to mention this is a common remark during fill sessions we get as an unexpected major benefit some clients hadn’t even really considered was a genuine result of lash extensions. The confidence boost alone is often cited as making it worth the service but with that comes time saved. 

A good place to start in understanding if eyelash extensions are right for you is our classic eyelash extensions as they are most affordable and help you achieve the most natural of all the 4 options of lash extensions. But should you change your mind, no biggie at all! Just allow your lashes to naturally grow out and you will not be expected or responsible for the fill in appointments if eyelash extensions aren’t for you. You’ll simply have amazing lashes for a weeks with more time each morning saved from putting on makeup and more compliments of your bold new look. It’s essentially a 2 week trial period. 

Classic eyelash extensions can also serve as a springboard to even bolder looks like with our classic PLUS option, hybrid extensions, or even volume lash extensions for increasingly more full and dramatic results.

Having said all that, maybe you’re still not comfortable diving straight in. In that case, we have just the thing for you. Our natural eyelash services will not only limit the upfront cost for you, but they will also give you a glimpse into the world of bold lashes which will surely give you all the experience you need to decide if you want to move up to a full set of eyelash extensions. We offer 3 different natural lash options that would be a great fit for those completely new or unsure about lash extensions:

  • Lash lift & tint
  • Lash lift
  • Lash tint

The price of these range from $99 to as affordable as $25. You can get more natural eyelash services information here. The results last beyond a full month so you’ll have considerable time to decide what’s right for you and to see how your beauty routine adjusts. Just keep in mind the results you’ll get with natural lash services are less prominent than if you were to get a full set. We recommend starting with a lash lift and re-evaluating after a 6-8 weeks. You can always get it again if you want more time with your new lashes.


Another fear we often hear that is quickly put to rest is that this bold look we’ve referenced throughout this blog that you can expect may be too bold or even not suit your face. This ultimately stems from underestimating just how customized the entire process and service really is. Because of the intricate nature of lash extensions and how they are applied, your lash extensions are going to be unique specifically to you, the shape of your face, and match the look you want to achieve.  On top of that, you can control how bold your lashes appear. We can give you more modest results if you’re more comfortable with that or adjust your lashes to fit your needs accordingly. If you desire results that are more in line with our other extension offerings such Hybrid or even our most dramatic volume extension set, one our artists can easily guide you. No matter the final look you hope to achieve, we have a solution waiting for you!


The final worry or fear that clients report having before getting extensions is the length of the initial appointment. This one comes down to simply how long you are comfortable sitting. If you remind yourself that the intial appointment is by far the longest at 2.5 – 3 hours and is a one-time thing, it becomes manageable pretty quickly. We encourage you to to bring your headphones to listen to an audio book, music, or anything to occupy your mind. Our artists are highly trained to give you a great experience which extends beyond our years of technical training on lashes but also your overall experience as a customer so they will get your attention if they need to in case you get deep into the latest gripping podcast episode. It’s actually very common for many clients to doze off while getting extensions. It’s a relaxing process that you can use to your benefit as a way to slow down. Sometimes, we all need to slow down for a couple hours and rest our minds. 

So ask yourself:

Are you deserving of more time each morning to start your day not in front of a mirror, more confidence, and a bold new look?

We think so. And if you agree and want to start your 2024 off right and spring into a new you, book your eyelash extension appointment today or click the button below. Or if you want some immediate answers you can contact us with any questions about which is the best option for you.