Does Getting Lash Extensions Hurt?

One of the most common questions we get here at Lavish Cincinnati is “Does Getting Lash Extensions Hurt?” and today I want to provide some answers to this age old questions.

Unfortunately there are many questions I’ve found over the years providing Lash Extensions Services & other eyelash services that many clients are too afraid to ask. One of the main ones is the title of this article.

There are many reasons why your lashes can hurt or you can find yourself experiencing some discomfort after your service. I would like to briefly describe the main driver of this so you can better understand why this may have happened to you in th past as well as why it won’t happen to you at Lavish Cincinnati.

Lash Isolation

Lash isolation is key to ensuring the long-term look of your lash extension results but also is the source to the commonly asked “Does Getting Lash Extensions Hurt?” mystery.

If your lash artist is certified, then they should know that proper isolation is very important for your natural lash health. Isolation is the process of delicately seperating your natural lashes and applying your artificial lashes in the most effective way so that your results will hold. After years of mastering the Lavish Cincinnati process, we can speak first hand to how meticulous this can be. But the best artists have the best understanding of how to do this properly. When it’s not done properly, it can be the main reason why you may sometimes experience discomfort in your lash area.

Many ask if lash extensions are bad for your natural lashes.

The answer is simple: Lash Extensions are not bad for your natural lashes when applied properly. Specifically, the isolation process fails when an arists affixes multiple natural lashes together which then causes them to pull as they go through their natural shedding process. This leads to strain on your lash line. Ultimately, it will do more than simply be uncomfortable or even painful at times. You also will likely experience some breakage of your natural lashes from them not progressing through their natural growth cycle from the improper isolation.

Be sure that whoever you trust for your eyelash extensions, that this is something they are actively working on helping you avoid. For all your Cincinnati Lash needs, check out Lavish Cincinnati beauty services. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out & get in touch using our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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