Cincinnati lash lift and tint cost as well as lash lift and tint procedure are are two of the most commonly typed in things women looking for a lash boost search for online.

And for whatever reason, not many salons broadly display their service prices or go into great detail explain the value of their beauty services.

I want to flip that around for you today! You can jump over to our  Cincinnati eyelash services page where you’ll get an in depth description of our entire eyelash portfolio. But I want to focus on a lash lift and tint for this post for you.

In an effort to give you quick answers and respect your time – I’ll make it easy! Below you’ll find the price for our lash lift and tint services:

Cincinnati Lash Lift and Tint Cost:

  • Lash Lift and Tint: $85
  • Lash Lift Only: $70

Now that we got the price out of the way, what can you expect at your lash lift and tint appointment? I want to remove all surprises while making sure you are as informed as possible as you make this decision. When you are done, I am confident you’ll be ready to let Lavish Cincinnati join you on your path to lavish lashes. If so, you’ll be able to book at the end of the post – but let’s get into it.

Step 1: Cleanse

We begin the entire process by cleansing the lashes with non oily make-up remover. We do this to ensure your lashes are free from oils, makeup, and/or debris. This is very important because if you don’t cleanse before the lash lift and tint begins, your lashes will not adhere properly or might cause a barrier not allowing lift solution to work properly.


Step 2: Secure Lashes

This just makes our job easier to adhere and separate lashes on upper rod. By doing it this way, you can be sure not to adhere lower lashes to the rod on the upper eyelid causing the lower lashes to curl upward.


Step 3: Position

We make step 3 a priority as the positioning portion of your appointment is the one where you can make changes to size and find the best look for you. Our goal to help you achieve the exact look you desire while maximizing your natural beauty with our lash lift and tint.


Step 4: Adhesive

After you are happy with the positioning of the lashes and the look, we add a small amount of water soluble adhesive. This will allow the lash shaping rod to lay securely and the lashes to be seperated properly without movement. This part of the service is crucial to the longevity of your results. 


Step 5: Lash Placement

With the adhesive in place, I would now be adhering lashes gently to the rod on top of the adhesive. This part is crucial as I am making sure they are separated and laying straight. This step, coupled with step 4, are the key ingrediants to the quality and overall lifespan of your lash lift and tint. 


Step 6: Add Lash Solution

Next I apply lash lift solution from root to ¾ the length making sure not to include the ends of lashes this will cause breakage. This is important to get close to the root without touching the eyelid and up to ¾ the lash leaving the ends out.


Step 7: Lash Processing

Allow to process for 6-10 minutes depending on the strength of lashes. You can determine the lash strength by determining the coarseness of the lash and this is typically comparable to hair type.


Step 8: Solution Removal

In step 8, I remove the lash lift solution with damp cotton, not disrupting the position of rod or adhered lashes. We use damp cotton rounds and are sure we have thoroughly removed all solutions to prevent over processing. Over processing can cause breakage and the lashes to look singed. 


Step 9: Moisturize

Time to moisturize!

Apply setting lotion for five minutes!

This step is vital to maximize your results. It important we leave it for the entirety of processing time to allow the lash to take form of the shaping rod.

Step 10: Remove Shape Rod

Using warm water, we will gently press and rinse to remove rods from lashes. While using saturated cotton rounds we thoroughly wet the rods to remove lashes from the rod and continue using the water and cotton rounds to remove the rod from skin also.

Step 11: Bye, Bye Lash Curler

It’s time for the best part of all – time to enjoy! You will now be able to have your natural lashes curled and lifted without having to pull out your lash curler or obsess over squeezing every bit of volume for an eternity in front of the mirror. We recommend you return 6-8 weeks to maintain your lavish lash look. 

And there you have it! If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact us!

Hopefully now you feel like you are prepared to start your journey to lavish lashes with a luxurious lash lift and tint! If so, click below and you’ll be taken to our book now page where there will information like our cancellation policy as well as other basic info.

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