Make Gift Giving Enjoyable With The Lavish Cincinnati Gift Card

Give Away Something You Know They’ll Love & Use

In 3 simple steps you can have your gift card ready to be used:

Step 1: Load up your gift card with whatever dollar amount you want.

Step 2: Choose your method of delivery and decide when you want the card activated.

Step 3: They can come in and start using the prepaid services on their own schedule and use your amazing gift.

It really is that simple. Set up your gift card and send to make someone feel special in a couple of minutes!

Why The Lavish Cincinnati Gift Card?


Not sure what to get them? Give away beauty services to show you care and let them choose what they want. 

Special Occasions

Weddings, important events, anniversaries, you know it. The Lavish Cincinnati Gift Card comes in handy in any special occasion. 

Just Because

Show someone you care and that you were thinking of them by giving them beauty services – just because. 


You can only buy a sweater so many times. Whatever you celebrate, give the gift of beauty with the Lavish Cincinnati Gift Card and make someone feel special this holiday season.

What Services Can Be Used?

What Others Have Said About The Gift Card

I got tired of giving away a scarf to my sister for the holidays. I know she loves Facials and has always wanted to try Dermaplanning. So I decided to get her The Lavish Cincinnati Gift Card and she LOVED IT! The best part was she could pick her service and go on her time. It felt really good to give away something I knew she would actually use and really enjoy. Thank you Makara and Lavish Cincinnati for making giving so much fun 🙂

Lavish Cincinnati Gift Card

Give The Gift Of Beauty