A gift card is one of those gifts you give to someone when you want them to have options and the power to choose. It’s the ultimate way to show someone you care. You’ve given that special loved one, close friend, family member, etc the ability to do something for themself they may not normally be able to justify. Giving someone a Lavish Cincinnati gift card says you want THEM to be happy in whatever way they want.

The Lavish Cincinnati Services range from facials, skincare, lashes, to more semi-pemanent makeup like our Cincinnati microblading options. We have something beauty related for everyone. Let us take the stress of finding the perfect gift away from you by giving the gift of beauty, and rest & relaxation. We want this to be easy and convenient. Below you’ll see just how we’ve done that in six very simple steps. You can head straight to the Lavish Cincinnati gift card page if you’re ready to give away the gift of beauty or find the link following seeing the simple process of giving a gift card. 

Gift Card Process

1. Method Of Delivery

First you decide if you want to purchase your gift card online as an e-gift, or come in and we’ll happily take care of you. 

2. Gift Amount

Determine what amount you would like to give. In order to do so effectively, you may want to refer to our services page where you’ll find our prices and what we offer so you can find an appropriate amount.

3. Where To Send It?

You can choose to pick up your gift card directly from our location in person but we also don’t limit you to this option. Your favorite people and loved ones may not live near you.  You can also send your gift via email but you’ll need the recipients email address if you choose our convenient e-gift option. 

4. Secure It

You can either purchase your gift card as a guest or you can create an account when you create your gift card in order to add an extra layer of security to your gift. The reason taking a couple extra minutes to create an account is valueable is because it gives us the ability  to see who the purchaser is in case the gift card is lost or stolen. That way, we can verify whether the card is being used by someone other than who it is registered too. 

5. Activate It

Don’t spoil the surprise! You can choose an activation date to make sure we are in the loop for the surprise too and don’t bring it up should the person you give the gift card to come to Lavish Cincinnati for their beauty needs. It also is helpful if you are not available to give the gift card but would like to make sure the gift card isn’t active until a certain day.

6. Rest Easy!

Sit back, relax and let them tell you about their experience! Seeing how overjoyed someone is with such a thoughtful gift really does feel good knowing you gave them something they’ll finally enjoy using. Check out what others have said about the Lavish Cincinnati Gift Card here