Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong

Eyelash extensions gone wrong – it’s a headline that as an established lash artist, I find myself almost always clicking. You can learn a lot from the comments sections of those types of “Buzzfeed” posts. 

The truth of the matter is that anything “gone wrong” is popular.

Why is that?

Part of it is there’s always a juicy story and people find that entertaining. But most it, I’ve learned after being in the beauty industry for over a dozen years, is that people want to understand their risks. And with eyelash extensions gone wrong, you are going to see all the important info about a beauty service that touches your face.

And why shouldn’t you?

I keep getting sent this story about a woman who had her eyelash extensions done clearly by an untrained artist. Here is her before and after eyelash extensions pictures below:



Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong: The Story

Just like most people, she was wanting them done for a special occasion – her birthday in fact. Just to protect her privacy, Let’s call her Jane. What you’re seeing with her eyes is likely an infection stemming from improper application of her synthetic eyelash extensions.

Like most beauty services, if the proper protocols aren’t followed, there’s some level of risk. But that is why eyelash extensions are not immune to the rigorous safety procedures put forth by the Ohio Board of Health. 

Every single one of the beauty services offered at Lavish Cincinnati follows all safety and licensing board requirements as well as observing the constantly improving procedures. We do this so we can give you the most trustworthy, safe, and best quality beauty services, especially eyelash extensions, you can get. When it comes to eyelash extensions Cincinnati scene, there is no greater advocate of health as we are sure to infuse safety with your overall beauty experience. 

You can see all the Lavish Cincinnati artists proper licensing and proof that the state board recognizes our artists as properly licensed beauty professionals.

Avoid Your Own Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong Story By…

Wherever you decide to get your eyelash extensions done, make sure to inquire about their safety training, whether they are licensed, and if their state board recognizes them as a capable and properly trained beauty artist. You never want to have your own “eyelash extensions gone wrong” story – and I can GUARANTEE you at Lavish Cincinnati, you’ll get a premium experience that will give you that beautiful, natural look without sacrificing one bit healthy or safety. 

And just to finish the story from Jane above – she ended up making a full recovery. She even still recommends eyelash extensions despite having her own ‘eyelash extensions gone wrong’ horror story. She had this to say when speaking to Buzzfeed News:

“My first bit of advice would be make sure you always carry out a glue test. And second of all, ask the beautician what glue they use, ask to see it.”

Other commenters went on to include their own experiences with eyelash extensions. Someone said:

“My advice for people looking to get lashes is to look at reviews, and make sure the professional knows what they’re doing. Prices are also important – you get what you pay for if you go too cheap. Definitely look at photos on social media to find out if the place is any good.”

Which is a really great point that I’m not used to people saying in that situation. Cheap doesn’t mean good. In fact, it’s safer for your own sake to assume the opposite in this situation. But more than just price alone should be how the artist talks about the service, do they explain it all, do they post pictures, etc. 

You can see all of the Lavish Cincinnati beauty work done here, if you were curious 🙂

Morale Of The Story

One commenter concludes by saying something very important:

“I do want to say, however, that people shouldn’t be scared of having their eyelashes done. This shouldn’t happen, and won’t in most places.”


This is a very rare occasion. Not only are the odds very low of having a reaction or encountering an artist so terrible they are capable of this, but also it would difficult for word to NOT get out about that artist’s quality – or lack thereof. You should always be sure to check out an artist’s eyelash extensions reviews before booking, as Jane suggests. But never take a single piece of data like an ‘eyelash extension gone wrong’ article you found online. For every unfortunate incident painting this life-changing beauty service in bad light, there’s 500 more that rave all about how much it’s improved their daily life. 

I hope that you become the latter – and Lavish Cincinnati has you covered whenever you are ready. You can book now or just check out our beauty blog or Instagram account @LavishCincinnati where you can follow to stay in the loop.

Stay beautiful!

PS if you are REALLY interested in safety standards held at Lavish Cincinnati, here is the summary document presented by the Board of Ohio by which we are in full compliance of. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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