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—Eyelash Extensions Flash Promotion Alert—

$25 Off Our Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Service As Well As Our Volume Extension Service For Full Sets.

Available Starting At 12:01 AM October 1 And Ends October 31st at 11:59. Don’t Miss Out Boosting Your Lash Game This Fall.

Redeem Your Instant Savings While Supplies Last! Make Sure To Watch The Countdown Timer To Stay Up To Date & Check Back For Additional Flash Promotions To Partner With You On Your Beauty Path.

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*Exclusions apply. Navigate down the page to exclusions sections to learn more. 

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions NOW $160 $185

Hybrid lash extensions are a mixture of classic and volume extensions. This set includes the classic 1:1 technique and volume technique (which is multiple lashes per 1 natural lash) combined into one set. See our eyelash services page for additional details about hybrid eyelash extensions.

Volume Eyelash Extensions NOW $199 $225

Volume eyelash extensions are our most premium eyelash service we offer at Lavish Cincinnati. Volume extensions are multiple lash extensions applied to your individual natural lash. This technique maximizes volume and density which gives you a very dramatic and full look. See our eyelash services page for additional details about volume eyelash extensions service. 

BONUS OFFER: Eyebrow Wax NOW $10 $20

We believe in wholistic beauty so we’re offering you a bonus offer available only to those who take advantage of the eyelash extension promotion being offered this month. If you’re in need of a brow freshen up, breathe life into them with a Brow Wax add-on. We knocked 50% off to make the decision easy for you! s our Brow Wax. See the Lavish Cincinnati facial services page to find out more of the customized beauty plan & look you’ve always wanted. 

Eyelash Extensions Cincinnati Promotion FAQs

Check out some of the most asked about questions for October’s flash eyelash extensions promotion.


You can visit our book now to see information about our cancellation policy.

We encourage you to download the PDF of the policy – you can do that by clicking the link below:

Download Cancellation Policy (PDF)


The eyelash extensions full-set promotion only includes our lash extension services that are centered around volume – this is our hybrid eyelash extension and volume eyelash extension ONLY. Our classic lash eyelash extension full set is excluded from this promotion.

Our classic lash extension service is still a wonderful option for anyone who is new to lashes and would like to start with a less robust and dramatic volume boost. This more conservative approach has a similar procedure as our volume lashes but is more focused on delivering a natural look. If you have any questions, feel free to navigate to the contact page and reach out directly.

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